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Off to home – Funding options mortgage lending

The interest in A Super Simple Loan Done In Minutes is at a historic low. Good conditions for builders or home buyers to complete the financing of the property. But why use only a classic loan? Access additional funding options for building finance – with a state subsidy for home purchase or construction.

What funding options are available for mortgage lending?

What funding options are available for mortgage lending?


For the purchase or construction of a house, you can fall back on different support programs. The best known are:

  • Municipal subsidies
  • KfW assistance

Municipal funding opportunities for mortgage lending

Numerous municipalities support the acquisition of residential property. This happens, for example, in the form of:

  • Favorable conditions for a construction loan
  • Offers for the purchase of favorable building land
  • Special grants

Already in advance for you for information: Funded primarily families with children. A prerequisite for this, however, is that at least one underage child will still live in the planned household. Often, a certain annual income level must not be exceeded in order for a subsidy to be used.

The funding options available to you, in this case, depending on the local community in which you want to buy or build a house. Often the financial situation of the community plays a crucial role in this context. Here it makes sense to ask the respective city administration directly, which funding options are available in which amount.

KfW loan

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) funds with amounts of up to 50,000 euros. The respective height is based on the energy standard of your new building.

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KfW Promotion – What exactly is that?

Image result for kfwIn addition to mortgage lending via a bank, you have the option of receiving government funding. There are various programs under KfW funding. These include:


  • KfW loans of up to 50,000 euros for the construction or purchase of a house or condominium, which you use for your own use.
  • KfW subsidies for building new buildings in accordance with the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEv 2016) or energy-related refurbishment and modernization measures. This means that you receive a subsidy if you build or rebuild energy-efficiently.
  • Promotion of the purchase of photovoltaic systems and the expansion of existing plants.
  • Promoting an age-appropriate conversion to provide accessibility and promoting the acquisition of already barrier-free homes.

As far as the form of the promotion is concerned, you receive low-interest loans for all variants, which have to be repayment-free in the first year.
The big advantage is that you can take out a KfW loan in addition to the mortgage lending at your bank. Accordingly, you apply for the KfW loan from the bank, where you apply for your mortgage lending. Both the settlement of the loan, as well as the disbursement of the loan amount and the monthly repayments are made through the bank chosen by you. You can therefore easily discuss the terms of the KfW promotional program directly with your respective bank adviser. This gives you a contact person during your financing phase, who takes care of everything for you.
Important with regard to the application: You must apply for KfW funding together with the mortgage lending, even before you start the construction project.

Who can use funding opportunities for building finance from KfW?


Depending on which KfW funding program is involved, the following are eligible for funding:

  • individuals
  • Housing companies
  • Institutions of public law
  • freelancer
  • farmers
  • Non-profit organizations

It does not matter if it is the cozy condominium, you want to finance the construction of a house for yourself and your family, or you need financial support to refurbish an already existing property – there are many funding opportunities for mortgage lending. It’s best to make an appointment with your mortgage specialist at 1822direkt, who can give you all the details and advise you individually on your situation. More information can be found here.

5 people arrested in Palma, Logroño and Villarreal for cheating 200,000 euros with Internet loans

Image result for online criminal


Agents of the National Police have dismantled a criminal group dedicated to the commission of scams, for more than 200,000 euros, through the mass contracting of fraudulent loans over the Internet, as reported this Friday by police sources in a statement.

As a result of the operation, it has stopped in Logroño, Vila-Real (Castellón) and Palma de Mallorca its five members, three women and two men, who had been operating systematically and regularly for three years.

228 victims have been identified scattered throughout the Spanish geography and two records have been made in homes of Logroño, involving numerous physical documentation and computer supports directly related to the criminal acts.

The investigations began based on several complaints filed during the last quarter of last year by citizens of Zaragoza, who reported that several financial credit institutions that operate over the Internet had contacted them to demand the non-payment of small loans, contracted from illegitimately months before with your personal data.

The main researcher, a 44-year-old man with a degree in Economics and resident in La Rioja, although with close family ties in Zaragoza, had several police records for acts of the same nature.


Image result for operations crimeThe ideologist of the group preconceived the criminal plan, consisting of systematic online hiring of fraudulent loans, continuously and over time, on behalf of and using the personal data of third parties without their consent, in a score of financial credit institutions .

Firstly, it analyzed the different requirements of documentary type required to obtain the loans, referred to in the different Internet portals, being indispensable in all cases the personal documentation of the applicant.

For this, he obtained the photographs of the DNI of the injured, devising a method consisting of organizing job interviews, for a supposed and never effective position offered in Zaragoza, by his company.

That is, the interviewees in search of a job gave their personal documentation for this purpose and then several photographs were taken, the reason for the interview being really the simple obtaining of this documentation.

Then, once he had these photographs in his possession, he falsified various additional documents (payrolls from the Public Administration, bank receipts, supply invoices, etc.), with the purpose of appearing to the highest possible degree of guarantee, based on the requirements of financial entities.

Thus, he requested consumer loans, usually of modest amount, on behalf of these people, supplanting their identity, submitting the necessary documentation and pretending to be the legitimate holder of the same.

These requests were made through Internet, using the contracting facilities that this means and that the financial entities themselves grant, and also used computerized masked connections in order to leave no identifying sign.


Although it was mostly modest loans, the large number of injured (228 have been accounted for) and loans contracted in each (usually three or four), makes the total fraud to the twenty establishments affected credit exceeds 200,000 euros, paying the amount of the same in bank accounts of various entities open ad hoc for this purpose.

These accounts were always in the name of the principal investigated or on behalf of persons of his full trust (the other four detainees, including his wife).

The money obtained was quickly arranged, when transferred to other accounts, reimbursed in cash at ATMs or used to recharge prepaid cards with which they made various purchases.

With regard to the victims, their names were inserted as debtors in the different files of unpaid in Spain, a fact that poses enormous difficulties when it comes to accessing any financing.

Even they were also taken to trial for these alleged defaults, by the financial credit institutions, ultimately harmed, with time, money, loss of financial reputation and mental burnout that this situation can entail.

Two registers have been practiced in Logroño, involving numerous physical documents and computer supports directly related to the criminal acts. The main detainee, after giving a statement at the police headquarters, was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority in Zaragoza, who decreed his immediate admission to prison.